Compiling the FreeSWITCH OSS kernel driver for mod_skypopen on Linux kernels in the 3.4.x stable branch

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Almost every new mainline kernel release deprecates some functions used in code. I’m no programmer myself, but like to fix stuff that breaks by trial and error. Google is your friend. 🙂

I prefer using custom kernels on my Debian GNU/Linux servers to avoid bloat, but sometimes it causes issues.

At the release of Linux 3.0 I stumbled upon the following issue with mod_skypopen (a FreeSWITCH module that integrates Skype into a FreeSWITCH soft switch for VoIP) which I posted on the FreeSWITCH bug tracking system Jira:

It resolved my issue and a fix got added by the developer Giovanni Maruzzelli into trunk a few months later.

Then Linux 3.4.0 was released and another issue came up and once again a fix was needed and Giovanni Maruzzelli asked me to post my fix:

And I’m still reachable by voice on my desk phone/cell phone on same account as my land line (via mod_sofia), 2 x Google Voice (via mod_dingaling) and several other all thanks to FreeSWITCH. 🙂

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