4×4 a challenge

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Oddvar Munro-Jenssen challenged me and here goes…

4 things I’ve done today
– reading up on GEDCOM 5.5 and 5.5.1 Appendix A
– working on reducing my ever-growing e-mail backlog
– looking at my school schedule for next week
– tidying up my flat

4 things on my wish list
– people to stop bothering me with trivial matters
– more spare time
– a new DSLR
– a tiny money tree 🙂

4 things I dislike
– backstabbers
– stubborn people with one-tracked minds
– dishonesty
– Internet memes

I was supposed to send this to four people, but I’m ending up with this list since I know the people in my blog roll either have gotten this challenge already or hate Internet memes
Lucy Øvrebø-Welker
Kenneth Skramstad (who was a bit flimsy and said he had hit a dry spell on his blogging on Twitter)
– /dev/zero
– /dev/urandom

2 kommentarer

  1. Love it… although it provokes guilt since I have trivial questions about wordpress :p

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